Kumeu Live








Kumeu Live’s goal is to encourage the performance of original music, to a listening audience at the Kumeu Arts Centre. It is a non profit organisation. It’s first concerts were in June 2016.

2017 Concerts

Josie Tuck- 4 November

The Milltones- 7 October

Andrew Bell- 2 September

John Egenes- 11 August

Delia Hannah and Aro -5 August

Miss Peach and the Travellin Bones – 15 July

Albi and the Wolves- July 1

Graeme James and Fables- June 23

Derek Lind and Guy Wishart-June 3

Caitlin Smith and Paul Symons- May 6

Tim Moore (AUS)- 8 April

Donna Dean and Miller Yule -April 1

Mel Parsons- March 3